What is RateButler.com?

RateButler.com is an online program that helps companies to more efficiently manage and organize their Affiliate Network. Using RateButler.com's exclusive "sharing" option companies can build and maintain business relationships with other companies within the same industry around the country or even the world. All the necessary information that you require of your Affiliates is organized in a neat and orderly fashion within a paperless online environment.

What information of mine can other members see?

Only those companies that you are "sharing" your information with can see your information, otherwise it is completely secure.  Each member can only see a directory listing of the companies that are members, and then only the information about another company if they have initiated a "share" with you.  No one can see your information unless you "share" it with them.

How does RateButler.com save me money?

Has a company contacted you recently and asked you for information so that they can establish a business relationship with you? Have they asked you to fill out a form that will give them information about your company? You want to oblige because after all you want the business, but the forms are so long, and they are all different, and who knows if you will ever see any business from them.

RateButler.com is the answer. You fill out all the necessary company information that anyone really needs to know about your company—and you only do it once! The next time someone asks for information about your company you simply have them go to RateButler.com, and sign up if they aren't already a member. Once they are a member, you simply choose to "Share" your information with them.

The time savings will be incredible, and you won't miss out on any business opportunities.

How much does RateButler.com cost?

RateButler.com is a free service, and in an effort to make the program do more for you and the other members we encourage you to send us feedback about what you like about the site, as well as what features and functions you would like to see added to the site in the future.

Why is RateButler.com free?

RateButler.com was developed by a limousine company to solve the "age old" problem of managing each of the different "Affiliate Application" requests all limousine services receive on an annual basis. It didn't make sense to constantly be filling out different forms from all the different companies that are all asking the same questions, and in the end may or may not even send you business. Because the program is free there is no reason not to join, and the more companies that join the greater the benefit for all the companies who are members.

What happens when I change information about my company?

One of the most unique features of Rate Butler is Rate Butler Lite, a simple downloadable search tool that allows each of your reservation agents the ability to instantly search all the rates being shared with you and thereby eliminating the need to warehouse and maintain other companies rates on your individual system.  When any information or rates change it is only necessary for your to change them within your local software and on RateButler.com.  The next time an affiliate searches for your information the new information will automatically appear.

What is the best way to set-up my account?

The account should be opened by the owner of the company only, that way they can assign additional users and the "rights" they wish to give each user.  We also recommend you fill out as much of your profile information, rates, etc. as you can before you initiate a "Share" with any other companies.

How secure is my information?

RateButler.com is programmed with the most up-to-date and secure software technology.  You choose which companies you want to share your information with and only those companies can see your information.  You are also in full control and can change those settings at anytime.

I signed up, but I haven't received my temporary password?

Because these passwords are system generated emails they may get caught up in your "spam" folder. Please check your email's spam folder for your Rate Butler Temporary Password. If you are still unable to locate your password you may contact our Technical Support Department by emailing a password request to info@RateButler.com.

What information do I (and the other Members) enter on the site?

RateButler.com keeps track of a variety of useful information, and is divided into sections that are specifically chosen for your industry. This easy to use "tab" or "section" separated system will include Company Information, Contact Phone Numbers, Product or Service Details, Pricing, and General Details about your Business.

Exactly how does RateButler.com work?

New Members will proceed to fill out the various fields of information regarding their company. Upon completion you can view a list of all the companies who are currently members of the site, and then simply select which of these companies you wish to "Share" your information with. Each company will receive an email notification that you wish to "Share" your information with them.  These will be the companies that you wish to do business with and for in your local geographic market.

You can also send an email notification to other companies requesting that they "Share" their information and rates with you so that they can be part of your Farm-Out Network.

*All requests must be accepted by the other company before a relationship is made..

RateButler.com also includes a unique document upload feature whereby you can keep track of some of your Network Affiliates paper documents electronically by scanning and attaching them to their company record.  This "Virtual File Cabinet" allows you to even keep track of important items such as Certificates of Insurance and will even automatically notify you prior to any other companies Certificate's Expiration.

What is Rate Butler Lite?

Rate Butler Lite is a revolutionary new search tool that can be downloaded onto each CSR or Reservationist's Desktop. This mini-program gives your reservation staff instant access to all of the affiliate and rate information that is being shared with your company through the RateButler.com system in a simple easy to read format.

How can I see how the program works, before I become a member?

Rate Butler has a FaceBook page that contains valuable video tutorials that review each function of the program. The videos will walk you through each stage from setting up your account, to sharing your rates, to using the unique features of Rate Butler Lite.

Can I just "Share" my information with everyone?

Rate Butler is NOT intended to be used as a directory to attract new business. Instead the Rate Butler System is intended to help you manage both the Farm-In and Farm-Out Affiliate Networks that you already do business with. While it is also intended to help a company find an affiliate in an area where they might need someone or someone different, companies that want to see your information will most likely request that you share your information with them.

If you proceed to just "Share" your information with everyone it is most likely that many of the companies will simply remove or "un-Share" your company from their network. The most effective way to use the site is to contact everyone that gives you work as well as those companies that you give work to and request that they join the site and fill out a profile.The next step is to simply share your information with those companies that give you work, and request that the companies that you give work to should share their information with you .

How many users can each Member account have?

Each RateButler.com Member Account can support up to 4 total users, and the primary user can decide which areas the other 3 users can have access to. Access can be defined as "Read Only", "Change/Modify", or "No Access".

What are the System Requirements I need to use RateButler.com?

There are no minimum System Requirements necessary as RateButler.com is a Browser based program. RateButler.com works best with either Internet Explorer Version 7 or Mozilla's Firefox.

How can I receive Technical Support if I have questions about the RateButler.com Program?

If you have any questions regarding your account or how to use the RateButler.com program simply email us questions and you will receive an answer. If necessary, we will set-up a date and time for a phone conversation to review any questions you might have.

What if I have an idea or suggestion for the RateButler.com website?

We are always looking for feedback of the RateButler.com website (positive or negative), and in fact many of our recent enhancements are a result of feedback our members have given us. If you have any ideas or suggestion for the RateButler.com website, please email us.

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